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Cigars in Cancun Mexico:


Here in Cancun you will find a fine selection of cigars (called "puros" here), made in Mexico from Mexican, Nicaraguan, Dominican, Honduran, and Cuban tobaccos. Generally speaking, Mexican cigars are cheaper and milder, but flavourful and very aromatic, when compared to Cuban or Central American cigars. They are definitely an excellent buy!


You can also enjoy real Cuban cigars here...Mexico is still friends with Cuba. If you're returning to the United States, however, you can NOT bring them back with you, under penalty of SEVERE fines. NOTE: This also applies to residents of Canada and other countries if you are even merely changing planes in the United States on your way home!


In the not-too-distant past, Mexican cigar companies were required by law to only use Mexican tobacco in their cigars. The result of this law was that most Mexican cigars were full-bodied, but had little complexity. Well, luckily for the cigar companies (and cigar smokers), that law has changed and the taste of many Mexican cigars did as well.


The best cigars in Mexico are made from tobacco grown up in the mountains of Veracruz state; due to the closeness to the Gulf of Mexico and prevailing winds, the "Tuxtlas" region enjoys a mild and humid climate, where tobacco reaches high quality and concentration of flavor. There are several medium-sized cigar companies in the area, giving employment to a great number of experienced cigar makers; cigar-rolling is by hand, according with tradition.


Cancun has quite a few cigar stores where you can buy Cuban and Mexican cigars, but beware...many stores have been known to pass off cigars as Cuban which have never been anywhere near that island nation. You'll also discover that many cigar stores are really just time-share traps, where they hope to get you in the door for cigars and then talk you into going to a lengthy time/share presentation. Since they have to cover the high rent, the cigars tend to be seconds or outright counterfits.


Two other issues to consider: Is the store a true humidor? A quality cigar store will have the temperature and humidity controlled to maintain perfect cigar condition. Finally, if purchasing a sealed box of Cuban cigars, make sure you are shown the watermark on the Cuban government seal under a black light. Any store that won't do that is a tip off to you that something is not quite right.


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